Happy New Year~

Hmmm new year/new resolutions.... Lets look it up... res·o·lu·tion: a resolve or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something. Ok, so its nothing set in stone, its just a "determination"...whew, takes some pressure off! I could start off with the usual ones like lose weight, be a better person...but thats a daily RESOLUTION lol So here goes:
  • open an etsy store
  • paint my '66 mustang
  • paint my '64 falcon truck too
  • try to make my house look more "romantic" (chez fifi your a bad infleunce on me! okokok, in a good way)
  • use supplies I already have
  • take more trips

Well thats a good start~ at least it LOOKS like I'm determined to change things up a bit, especially when you put those little bullets next to your list!

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