One down....

I've gotten one more present for this Christmas season finished. This is the Steve Urkel doll I purchased off of e-bay for $20. I needed a skinny boy doll that wears glasses and is of the African decent to be recreated into the main character of the show "Yo Gabba-Gabba" (so I can be my 7 month old grandson's HERO) What a perfect doll to do just that!It only took me one day of goofing around with the fabric and doll to come up with this. I am pleased with the results~ I prewashed the fabric and I put in a zipper in the back so it can get washed... as babies tend to drool a lot lol.Here is what the character looks like....
Here is the doll in the box. I glued paper and pictures from the show to the outside to jazz it up a bit. Now I'm off to wrap it up!


  1. No one would ever guess that wasn't the real thing. You did a fabulous job, as usual, and you will be your grandson's hero for life, not just this Christmas. :)

  2. wow cheryl, thats awesome! very creative!
    just checking in on you and your snowman swap partner. I see you did yours as a box! I love it. everyone has done fabulous jobs! I wish i could have been everyones partner! that would have been alot of work! anyways, thanks for playing with snowmen with me and the rest of the group!
    hey, I didnt notice if you posted what you recieved I wanna see!!
    let me know if there were any problems!
    have a great night!


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