Moving right along~

I finished the red gingham apron that I'm making for part of my valentine swap... here is a little peek at it while it was a WIP. I did some "chicken scratch" embroidery on the apron and also added some white ric-rac to complete it. It looks very vintage~
I've started on the cloth body of the doll that I'm creating for the doll swap I've joined. I had visions of granduar and now I'm nervous it won't turn out cute. Ohhhhhhh the pressure I needlessly put on myself! I'm going to make the hands/feet and head out of clay... I have no idea of where I'm heading with this doll. I have no "vision". I've never made a doll before....... The initial pattern I made I've had to revise so as the NEXT doll will be better lol


Jillian said...

So cute and creative! Nice job! Thanks for visiting my blog...I've entered you in "A VERY BELLA GIVEAWAY!"

Love the name of your blog, too.

~ Jillian

MightyMom said...

verrry nice!! looks lovely!

Charity Grace said...

Where did you learn the chicken scratch embroidery???!!! My grandma used to do that and I've never met anyone who knows how. Love the red gingham.