'been gluing~

I've felt like I've gotten nothing accomplished lately-----when in actuality~ I've got a lot of projects "in stages"...I've finished some business cards. I cut out some typing text and glued it to some vintage gift cards and had that reproduced onto photo grade paper at the copy center...I love this look. Cut it out with my trusty paper cutter and taaaaa-daaaaaa instant cute cards!
I've also finally finished these little boxes. The inside of the box has some french text glued inside. Oooooooo la-la~ The tops of the boxes have ballerina's on them. I've hidden the bases of the ballerina's so it appears they are standing "on point" atop the boxes! I've hand painted each one...glittered their outfits and gave them all a matching "ribbon" to swirl above their head as they dance. Such happy girls~


  1. Very cute ballerina boxes! Love your cards, too!

  2. Cheryl,

    I just Love Them ....What a clever Creation ~



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