Mixed Media Monday~

This weeks theme: Texture
Ok....... Finally finished it, here it is in all its glittered glory~ Behind the gal in the pink dress is the glittered word "Wish"
I created this piece using an old wooden gold frame as the base. I created a shadow-box effect by backing the piece with a piece of foam core. I then went around the edge with pleated gold crepe paper to hide the joint between the frame & the foam core. I used a china torso & legs with which I've created "a dress that flows like music" lol (Her dress is created using vintage sheet music) I first wet the paper with water, then hot glued it to the dress form (which was chicken wire) I then painted a wash of pink over that.... then I highlighted the dress with some chunky pink glitter. I even gave her a matching head piece~ She is standing in front of gold glittered chicken wire, gold glittered leaves, gold glittered berries... and a little bird nest which houses a silver glittered bird~


  1. wow! gorgeous! You did a wonderful job on her!

  2. Woooooooooow this is stunning. What a creation. Awesome.

  3. Amazing, Cheryl! Certainly fits well with the "texture" theme :-) Diane

  4. Wow -- This is terrific, and you can't beat the texture! Very nice.

  5. This is over the top - wonderful!

  6. This is truly amazing! Wow! Great piece!

  7. Amazing piece of work, wow Love this:)

  8. Oh yes, oh yes. This is good. My fingers are fairly twitching to get into this kind of stuff.


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