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This week I'm sharing my beloved Cats~ I have four! (I hope thats not against the show & tell rules...*fingers crossed* but they are in my home, and I do love I guess it's a go???)

Below is Mr. Zacky-man... my orange tabby who I got at an outdoor antique show in a town about a hour and a half away. I caught him in mid-yawn here...he likes to sleep on this down filled blanket. He thinks he is a "Tom-cat" when he really isn't! I've spent hundreds on his boo-boos the bad-bad kitty! He is my indoor/outdoor kitty...He works the graveyard shift...up allllllll night long, sleeps alllllllll day long. Ohhhh and he is a drooler. He gets so happy he drools... yep, yucky-poo! He is about 9 years old~Below is Mocha... she is called a tortoiseshell cat. My daughter went with her boyfriend (now her husband) to get a kitten. (There was a lady who hadn't been spaying her cats and had loads of kittens that were going to the pound, so we thought we would rescue one of them) Anyway, she told me that she was going to get "thee-most-beautifulist-cat they had" Now...unless your looking at Mocha in very bright light, the fur that is beige disappears and she looks like she has balding patches. lol She does not like to be touched! She sits like this for hours on my nightstand watching me sleep. Mocha is about 4 years old now~This is Baby. My little gray-girl. She was given to me by my daughter for my 40th she is now 3 years old. She likes to have her paw/paws dangle.... but watch out, she does this so she can grab you as you pass by her. Clothing, skin-- she doesn't care, she'll just grab you. In a nice way of course lol Ohhhhhhhhhh and she kisses. You'll be laying in bed and she will climb up on your chest and reach over and plant her lips right on yours.... and she'll keep on kissing you until you push her off. (I know some of you are saying GROSS.... but its precious HONEST!)Lastly, below is my little love-bug, my little tabby named Charlie. This is the little ferral kitty that I rescued that was near death. I had seen her and 2 other kittens along with the mother roaming around the house across the street from my daughters new home. One day while visiting my daughter she was feeding them... and this tiny kitten was so starved she couldn't run or walk away from me, it was all she could do to TRY to eat the dry cat food that was on the plate. Needless to say, that little soul got scooped up and tucked into a basket with a towel over the top of it... and I guess you could say I stole her from those neglectful people across the street.
She is still a ferral kitty, she doesn't like to be picked up at all and will claw at you to be put down. Yet she will lay down and sleep in the bed with me...under the covers even. She runs down the hall after me, she waits outside the bathroom door for me... and she loves me. How lucky can a girl get?

Please remember to spay and neuter all your pets :-) Its the right thing to do!! Now tell me dear many cats do you own???
This show & tell is hosted by Kelli~


  1. Aww...what sweet and beautiful kitties you have! It's amazing how different all of their personalities are. We only have one kitty, but she keeps us on our toes. LOL Her new trick is to jump up onto the top of doors (she first jumps on a desk). She is very proud of herself. :0)

  2. Your orange tabby looks EXACTLY like my orange tabby. He is actually curled up right next to me. We named him Snickerdoodle (like the cookie), but we shorten his name to Snickers a lot.

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  3. I have 4 cats also. I too have a rescued ferrel kitty who I share the same relationship with as you do yours. I love all my little kitties and would have a farm to rescue stray cats if I could!!

  4. Oh, all your kitties are so precious. I have two kitties and love them dearly. Linda

  5. I have 4 sweet kitties (and not so sweet too) just like you. Actually I shared them for show and tell about a month back.

    2 were rescues (one quite literally), 1 was from a pet store that takes in unwanted kittens and sells them for $9 to help find homes, and 1 is a purebred but we still love her.

    I love Mocha! She is beautiful. Reminds me of Miss Muffet (aka Muffy) that I grew up with, literally. My parents rescued her as a kitten and she slept in my crib with me, and slept in my bed. Until the age of 16 where she became too miserable and we decided to do what was best for her. Still makes my eyes tear up. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Your cats are adorable!! We just have one cat who likes to stand in front of the Computer monitor so that I can't see what I'm typing (like RIGHT now).

    Have a "hoppy" weekend ~

    Bunny Blessings ~


  7. aww !!! Kitties are so sweet, I especially love your tortiousshell kitty. I had one years ago, named nitty kiki. I miss her so much, she looked just like yours... thanks for sharing these sweet fur babies.


  8. Wow! You all either have or had cats! I have never owned one. I was allergic as a child and always kept my distance. Kind of sad, I know.

    The tiger is my favorite animal, though. I think they are beautiful creatures.

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  9. What lovely cats. We have eight. Mostly, they chose us . . . turning up as strays - some of them starving. A white feral cat whose father we fed for years turned up last year, not long after his father had been put to sleep (he was very ill). We couldn't touch him - then two weeks before Christmas, he allowed that first touch. Now he is the happiest house-cat you could imagine! I found one tiny stray tabby kitten beside the lane a few years back - she came home with us, though she stayed tiny and looks like a six month kitten. Whoops - better stop or this will be an essay on "Cats I Have Known"!

  10. Hi Cheryl! The girls and I want a kitty so bad - we're just trying to convince daddy... All we want is one, that's not asking much.

  11. You have beautiful cats.

  12. Well, coming from a cat lover here......this is the BEST show n tell ever. I can hear 'em purring from clear over here!!!

    Mine's posted, tho quite eclectic today. Hope you can find time to stop by if you haven't already.

    Happy weekend.

  13. Oh, your cats are cute; your daughter’s story about the prettiest kitten reminds me of the children’s book
    "Millions of Cats"…


  14. SO SWEEET!!! I want to pet the sleepy one. That's what my kitty does all day too! Jennifer

  15. Well I'm not a cat person since I'm allergic, but you have cute kitties. Have a great day.

  16. Sooo cute. I love kittens and cats. Two of my children are allergic to them so I have to admire them from afar.



    I'm sorry to put my url here but it doesn't work in the name/url box

  17. If it were up to only me, we'd have at least one kitty cat. I much prefer them to dogs and they are so sweet natured. My folks used to feed the strays in their neighborhood (inner city of St Louis). One day when Pop was leaving for work he noticed a little white kitten, scooped her up and put her in the open shed where there was food, water and blankets, it was Winter. He thought it odd that the other cats ran away from her since she was a tiny white kitten. Later that day they checked her out and she was a beautiful Manx cat. The only problem is that she was either dipped in kerosene intentionally or fell in accidently. Pop cleaned her up and she became his baby, my baby sister. they named her Kerri (kerosene/kerri, get it?)She died 19 years later and it liked to have killed Pop. He loved that precious little kitty so much!
    Thanks for sharing,

  18. Your Charlie looks like my Maddy...she is a muddle color. We all love her.

  19. I have four kitty cats - my Baby never returned. I still think about her and look for every single day. But the others are all thriving. Mama Cat got renamed Lucy, because several months ago she had an absess and had to wear one of the those funnel collars while the wound was healing. It just reminded me of an I Love Lucy episode where she was wearing a baby bonnet, so we decided that Mama Cat needed her own name and Lucy it was! My Prowler looks much like your yawning kitty, and Cali looks like your tortie. And then there's George, who just the biggest "goober" in the world, but he's so loveable and makes me laugh every day.

  20. All nice, but I like Baby best.

  21. I absolutely love the picture of Baby. She looks so darn grumpy it is cute.

  22. I love your kitties! And I'm glad you "liberated" the tabby. Aren't cats the greatest?!


  23. We don't any any -- one son is allergic. But there are times I would love to have a kitten around.

  24. I love torties - I have four cats.
    2 torties, 1 calico, and 1 all
    black. The calico & black cats are
    brother and sister. Lots of
    cat lovers on your comments!

  25. Great Show & Tell. Over the years we've had both cats and dogs and all have been lots of fun! Especially the year that Vinny the cat climbed my mother in law's live Christmas tree and pushed it over. Fortunately, she forgave us and we still received our Christmas gifts!


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