Teddy bear doll~

Here is a little teddy-bear doll that I've made for a doll swap I joined. It is made out of vintage fabric. She can stand all on her own because I fit pieces of illustration board in her feet...smart huh~ She looks cute without her fancy skirt & wings...I just didn't want her to arrive naked! She stands just shy of 9 inches~The fabric was once a little girls top-- before I got ahold of it :-) I am going to make myself a little bear as well seeing how I have half of the shirt left lol... I think it turned out kinda cute. I am also sending my swapping partner Lucy a vintage red-gingham-chicken-scratch apron. Its a cute one!


Heidi (http://journals.aol.com/hwoodred/everyday-cookies/) said...

That's darling! Cute vintage fabric. Your partner will love this. I see you're really working your sewing machine these days!

Judy said...

That is too cute.

Lucy said...

I love my bear and my apron. They are wonderful. Thank you so much. You did a beautiful job of sewing the bear.