Mixed media Monday

This week's theme is "maps" (this is going to be one of many props used at my grandson's upcoming pirate party--he just turned one!)I purchased the gold plastic frame for one dollar at a yard sale a few weeks ago. I spray painted some black lightly over the gold frame to give it an old world look. I then cut out some thin wood (paneling) for the "canvas" on which to create some art. I used old maps from a book and aged them with paint and ink. I tore the edges and then glued it down to cover the wood. I then painted the words "happy birthday Jonathan" on top of the maps. After the center piece was completed, I added some paint to the frame creating what looks like pearls and ruby stones. I used a fabulous pearlized/metallic paint for the pearls... makes it really look like there are real pearls on the frame. I'm going to hit it with some shiny gloss sealer tomorrow to make the colors pop even more~


  1. Wow this is absolutely stunning.

  2. perfect for a pirate theme!

  3. Wow Cheryl - what an amazing card! I envy people that get the real goodies at Yard Sales 'cause I always miss out!!!!
    ~xx Barb xx~

  4. love how you used that frame...great idea

  5. What awonderful idea, it's great!

  6. great idea!! amazing how everyone has interpreted this MAPS challenge, thanks very much for participating

  7. incredible piece! I love how you gathered up a bunch of stuff to create a neat party piece!

  8. Well, that's quite amazing, I bet that's going to be one special party!

  9. Hey, Cheryl,
    Love all the stuff you've been making lately. Are you almost ready for the party? This map card is pretty awesome.
    Come by my place and see what I've been up to lately.
    :) Brenda

  10. Great stuff!

    I was hoping you could email me about the Paris swap. Thanks so much!

    Leigh Ann
    a goodness girl


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