The Fair~

The fair is right around the corner (in Ocotober) and I've got no entries as of today. Thats gotta change! For a $1 dollar entry fee per item I have the chance to win... I think its $12 bucks for first prize :-) and a blue ribbon *big smile* I want a handful of those to add to my blue ribbons from last year...yes, I'm hooked! I'm thinking of making a crocheted baby blanket (since last years baby blanket didn't even place) since seeing the works of ART some people managed to make last year, I am deteremined to at least get a third place ribbon!! Which is probably going to take me a few years of entries...but I'm going to do it. Anywho, I thought I'd share a photo of one of the patterns I'm going to work into a blanket. I think its super cute. I'm going to be buying the yarn this evening... happy-happy-joy-joy~
It is called Lacy Lattice and is super easy-peasy. You crochet different colored squares joining them as you work across in long rows. Loads of "hiding tails" but the plaid look of it is so darn cute. For some reason the photo didn't come out that cute....but it is darling! trust me~

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