I was asked by Heidi about the kind of paint I use when I paint everything in sight :-P well....I'll tell ya~ For the spray paint I use the .98cent paint from Walmart. I prefer the glossy look on everything so it is easily washable. The paint I use when I need to brush on paint is Walmart paint as well. I like to use (I had to go in the garage to get it lol) the brand is called: Colorplace and I use the interior latex semi-gloss wall & trim paint #5407.

Now is the secret to painting. Whenever you paint something let it sit in the sun all day long to "bake" onto whatever it is you've painted. At the end of the day...lets say....if you've painted a bookcase you can start putting books on it that night no problemo. The sun baked painted piece is less likely to have the paint chip off on accident as still sands off for an easy "shabby finish" not to worry :-P Soooooooooo set yourself up a "spray-table" in the yard and get to painting!

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  1. ohhhhhh...thanks, Cheryl! Just plain ole wlmrt paint! But the trick of the sun baking is very cool, I'll have to try that. Let's see...what can I paint white around here.... I really wanted to paint our kitchen table and chairs white, but my Mark put his foot down on that...


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