Goofing around~

Look at this huge box of cards I picked up from a boutique for only $3 buckeroos~ coolio huh~Well, I've been goofing around trying hard not to "clean" my studio like I've been wanting to.... so with the "clean & cute it up" attitude, it was all I could do to cover this little box thingy which houses some of my scissors. I'm going to show only 3 sides as the 4th doesn't look all that cute :-P ohhhhhhhhhh and I did paint my lazy susan pink~ I love it now!!! I've still got to cute-up my two spinny thingies that house my paint brushes & other supplies~ All of which sit on the lazy susan on my work table. Anywho-- here is my scissor container in all its glory :-) Here is Pete...

Here is my father in law when he was a toddler...

The third side has my hubbies great-grandmother on it...The fourth side needs some work :-P


  1. That is really cute..a family heirloom and functional too. Great.

  2. Hi Cheryl ~

    Love how you created the Organizer ~ You sure have the knack for turning things into Treasures ! I Loved watching all the Pirate Loot happening for your Little Guy....

    Have a Great Week


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