kitty-kitty. All dolled up with a new red collar & bell~
Big news? Secret??? Yes, I must tell...and tell NOW :-) My daughter is two months pregnant with her second child. *hooray!* AND.... they are putting their first home on the market and will be buying a larger home-- *hooray again!* I have been busy helping them do things at their house to help them get top dollar for their home-- busy, busy, busy. I just finished putting in a small brick patio, crazy huh~ This weekend I will be doing more of the same :-P painting, laying bark in the flower beds.... and whatever else needs to be done. *fun times ahead!!*


  1. Congratulations! How fun! You'll have two little ones running around to keep you hopping!

    Cute cat-sewing cover. How often do the bells ring? (how ever often you use it to sew!)



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