Anniversary time...

eh gawds...August 6th 1983...25 years ago today I got married! Boy-oh-boy does time have a way of flying by doesn't it? I was eighteen and a year out of high school and getting married to my bestest buddy who was all of 23. We got engaged on Valentines day and were married 7 months later. We walked right into the (very popular/upscale) reception hall....had the planner laugh in our face saying that you have to book years in advance for there facilities... when I told her just to "check the date of August 6th anyway" she turned white and said that that day had a cancellation. HA! Next we went to the church.... same story. Sorry we are all booked up for years (due to the fact it is a catholic cathedral--very popular as well) Well.... what do you know...a cancellation? Double HA HA! I am a firm believer in fate :-) So, a big thank you to the couple who cancelled out of the reception hall & church-- I guess you were just holding that space for us~ Sooooooooo 1980's huh? Poofy hair- poofy dress lol.... it had to be the hottest day on record that day... I was soooo hot in that dress & several poofy slips. We drove through Wendy's drive thru and got a soda on our way to the reception hall-- yep, so classy lol. (okokok I was working there at the time, I thought I'd give them all a cheap thrill!)Here we are 25 years later... and I must admit......I thought I'd be divorced by now and married to some billionaire that was in a coma...*sigh* life never turns out the way you think it will now does it. I'm posting some photos from my wedding day.... years & years from now they will probably be in an antique shop..... I wonder if anyone would buy them? I know for sure they laugh at my "big hair"

Here is what was on the front of our wedding invitations:
On this day I will marry my friend,
the one who shares my
my life,
my love~
Pretty much sums it up doesn't it. He is my best buddy, even though I'm hard pressed to admit it. I don't want him getting a fat head or anything, he would be impossible to live with :-P Here are the "guys" looking like a bunch of gangsters (as much as they can wearing pink shirts! LOL) standing in front of my Grandfathers Model A... My hubby is in the gray tux with tails :-P standing in the gutter so he doesn't look so tall- he is 6'3"! (I'm only 5')

Soooooooooo dough-dough (thats what I call him, don't ask me why, I have no clue) you owe me big time for putting up with you for all these years lol..... I don't want any gifts-- cold hard cash will do~


  1. Happy Anniversary! Would you do it all over again? Of course you would!
    My hubby & I eloped originally, so on our 25th Anniversary our church congregation threw us a formal wedding. It was so much fun, and much better the second time around. lol
    Anyway, congrats!

  2. Happy 25th Anniversary! How fun to see your photos and hear your wedding story. Loved reading it!

  3. Congrats!!! what a sweet story with some good laughs too. Oh boy do I remember big hair...big least we can brag about looking a whole lot better 25 years later, huh?!! Thanks for sharing and happy 25'th. Jannet


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