I picked up these treasures today:I've wanted this book titled "Where Women Create" FoReVeR..... and I picked it up for $6 bucks :-) Look at the cute gum ball machine, that was only $3 bucks :-)Also, a bag full of these plastic pieces (total of 54) for only
$2 bucks......
Lastly, here is a chandelier that I picked up for $4 bucks :-)
It was brass-- until I painted it white and baked it in the sun for a few days. I am needing to replace the pvc "candles" on the piece as they are not as white as I'd like them! Not a bad score!


Jen r. said...

wow, great deals. That book was an awesome deal!

vivian said...

love the chandelier! what a great deal! and the book! I've been wanting it too. I've almost bought it a couple times.. what a bargain you got!
have a sweet week!!

Mercedes said...

Oh, I have that book and I love, good bargains!!

Angie said...

I love the chandelier. Isn't white paint the best cover-up!