Fair entries....

Here are some things I've finished that I'm entering into our local fair.... I'm entering a total of 8 things. I've still got a set of 3 crocheted ornaments to finish and then I've got to finish a mixed media jewelry piece. The jewelry so far has been the hardest to finish as I keep taking it apart and reworking it lol

Sooooooooooo here is 6 Christmas ornaments~ (I won second prize last year) They are little boxes filled with vintage flowers & papers topped with a piece of glass and then soldered. A pair of baby booties~ Very easy-peasy pattern!A crocheted "animal" Next year it will be cuter/bigger, but I needed something I could whip up fast lol~
And a fabric covered box (I won first prize last year)
The top of this box is created using straight pins & beads. Its called "pin beading" and it was very popular in the late 1800's~


  1. you have been busy! I really love those soldered boxes! they are very lovely!!
    and those pink baby booties! My second daughter was born because of seeing pink baby booties at someones baby shower!! I saw the booties and knew I had to have another baby!!!
    have a great sunday!


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