Plugging away~

I've been extremely busy trying to make things to enter into our local fair. I am such a procrastinator-- this is my punishment. I've signed up to enter 8 things this year, and I've got until the 12th to complete everything. The upside is I've got 4 things completed! I'm entering: One crocheted baby blanket, one appliqued baby blanket, a set of 6 Christmas ornaments, a set of 3 crocheted Christmas ornaments, a crocheted animal, a fabric covered box (I know dumb one huh lol) a piece of jewelry, ummmmmmm what else??? Ohhhhhh duh-- a pair of baby booties. Next year I've got to start earlier! I'm such a ding-dong. Anywho--- for a dollar each to enter I've got a chance to win $7 bucks for each first place ribbon. But lets face it, I'm entering to win the BLUE RIBBONS! lol

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