Here are a few "Works in progress"
A brown & pink baby blanket for one of my daughter's friends who is having a baby in a few months. I am using one of my favorite patterns that consists of mindless crocheting (I've got the pattern memorized) then attaching the flowers made with my vintage daisy loom....and a pirate photo album....This album is made from one of those photo pocket books that you just insert photos into the cut outs for an instant album. Well.... I used some sand paper and sanded the pages printed design to get it roughed up to paint. I have never in my life used why start now? lol I first painted each page with a thick, even coat of black paint and let that dry. Then I used a stiff old brush and painted on some brown (and let that dry)--- then using the same old brush I painted on some red that I added a touch of black to.(and let that dry) I then stenciled some pirate themed images onto each page, and dry brushed around each photo area with the same color (and let all that dry) Once that was all done I put a coat of sealer on each page and that really made all the colors pop. After letting the sealer coat dry, I sanded the edges of each page to make it look old. I purchased a brown faux suede-like blazer at a thrift store to use the fabric on the cover of the photo album. This is as far as I've gotten. I am wanting to create either a beaded or embroidered cover for the front of the photo a pirate them of course! I added a piece of torn muslin to the front & back cover to help keep the book bound. After sanding all those pages it loosened up the glued binding somewhat. The muslin just adds to the old world look :-)


  1. *sigh*
    I really enjoy peeking in on your site from time to's a breath of fresh air and so relaxing.
    Mixed media,no kidding. =) I'm amazed at all the things that you not only do, but are extremely talented at!
    The colors for the baby blanket are adorable..someone made one for my DS & DD and I still have them..and love them!! =)
    Keep up the inspirations..and thanks so much for sharing.
    D =)


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