All Clear~

I had my diagnostic mammogram done yesterday... I am happy to say it was all clear! The doctor reported that he didn't get a good enough lookie-lou of my left breast, there was an area he wanted to see a closer view of....so they took 3 more "views" The first one was easy-peasy.... bring it on sis'ta! The second x-ray, I SWEAR she squeezed my lung on that one! The third, now I'm not joking--- I SWEAR she was squeezing my heart on that one!!! (Today I am bruised but happy lol) The doctor viewed them right on the spot-- nothing like thinking your going to be given bad news to make one feel sick to their stomach now is there.... then the tech came in and said...."All clear".....What? Whats that? really? Whew. Lesson to be learned in all of this??? Do not skip your yearly mammograms girls, I skipped 3 years!! Gasp... I am such a dope! I could have killed myself! geeze, now I need some ice cream to make myself feel better LOL


Heidi of Everyday Cookies said...

All clear!!!!!!!!

Ouch! But good news!!!

Lorri said...

Oh I'm so pleased, that's an awful stress waiting for results. I have never had a mammogram and your description doesn't make me want too! LOL
So glad you got the 'all clear' YAY

Linda said...

Cheryl, I'm SO GLAD your news was good!

Charlene said...

Oh good for you!!!! And you are right... do it every year!!!!!!!!! All of us should. A mamogram saved me from having worse results. I caught my cancer when it was sooooooooo tiny & still in the duct. Waiting would have meant chemo or radiation. Gram those Mams girls!