Goofing around~

Just not feeling like doing much of anything lately.... I think its the change in the weather..yes, thats it, thats the excuse I'm going to use :-) I did make a "tag" of sorts to put on a baby shower gift that my daughter is giving to one of her girlfriends. She got her a huge I made a "tag/swag" to put on the wrapped rug with the new babies name on it "Emily"...I used the new glitter from Martha Stewart--- I must say, it was super fine stuff and I'm glad I purchased it. I also was goofing around with some pipe cleaners...I like the "vintage" look that this piece ended up having.
Nothing "fabulous" just poking along....


  1. I understand that Just poking around feeling! sometimes we are just waiting for that big wave of inspiration to hit, so we Poke around til it does!
    the baby tag is really sweet! and the ornament definitly has that vintage flair to it! both pretty special for just poking around!!

  2. Hi Cheryl,
    Thanks for visiting!!!! Count yourself in for the Winter Wonderland altered tin swap! So glad you're a player! I love the Emily tag...such a special keepsake for years to come. The tinsel ornament takes me way back to the 60's....really 50's...but we won't go there!!! LOLOLOL


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