My Nativity~

This nativity set is the one from my childhood. I love it~ My parents never had a creche for the set....This set is very large, and it seemed that every creche we came across was always to small.
I now have two creches... I found one at Walmart, and this one, which I like even better. This one I got at a second hand store for $4 bucks. It even has a little nail that is perfect for hanging the Angel on the back wall.
There is textured stone on the back wall and a few stones on the ground along with moss & something that looks like dirt. Its very detailed and goes well with the set. Here is a close up of the little angel that hangs above the baby Jesus~ she is extra happy these days.
(She was never used when I was younger...always put back into a box because of the lack of a creche)

Here is close up of the baby Jesus...sweet, sweet, sweet~ This set was given to my brother first... he didn't appreciate it. He had it in a box out under his carport. My mother took it from him and gave it to me.

You can never say your not loved... because you have the love of God... always~


  1. Beautiful set...but the Love that God sent down in the manger is the most beautiful!
    Smiles! Heidi

  2. Your nativity set is beautiful and the stable's design is great. How nice that you can hang the angel above the Baby Jesus.
    Thank you for sending me the link to this lovely post.
    Carrie - Carola Nativity Gallery


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