I had a lot of scaps of paper left over from the Christmas cards I'm making sooooo....I've been mindlessly folding these paper pinwheels while making small talk with my 18 month grandson while he played. You can't really do to much with a quick little boy darting around you lol. While he napped I hot glued them together to make pinwheels. I used a button as the center on the front side of each~ Now...what to do with them all? lol I especially like the pinwheels made out of sheet music :-) I clipped the edges to give them a more vintage look~


  1. I love the pinwheels. Now, what ARE you going to do with them? Also loving the button wreath. You are one patient woman, Cheryl, 'cause spending five hours gluing buttons is one of those things that would make me want to blow my brains out. I can't do ANYTHING for five hours! :)

  2. Love the colorful pinwheels! For garlands? Ornaments? Gift toppers? Mobiles? So much to do with them! *Heidi*


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