Princess Chloe~

My grandaughter (Princess) Chloe Rose is going to make her debut into this world on February the 13th~ I've begun getting things ready for her to have on hand for her big debut.
Her mothers royal robe and hat that she wore when she was a baby.Her small white-gold grown and star scepter is ready as well. Although she will hold no authority while holding this scepter, a child can never start to early in life in using those tools around her.... in any case, she can use it to smack her brother who refuses to be "Prince" Jonathan opting to be Pirate Jonathan instead~

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B said...

The Princess and The Pirate. What a great duo! And a girl is never too young to start learning to use her "womanly" powers, now is she! lol I love that name, too, Chloe Rose. Make that Princess Chloe Rose. Sounds regal.
Love the altered tin, too. Could have used your talents this week in our "ice palace". :)
So now how many other swaps do you have to prepare for?! Well, have fun working on them and have a great week.