Here is my grandaugher Chloe minutes after being born....she is screaming for hair and makeup~ You have no idea how much that dark hair shocked me!! Here she is with that stuff they glob into the newborn babies eyes.... she smeared it all over her face and chest. She heard that stuff makes your skin youthful. Look at her casually striking a pose, she is such a diva~ Here is Chloe sitting in a blanket nest having her first bottle given to her from her nurse. The nurse only gave her half...she screamed for more. Thats my girl! Chloe fell asleep while trying to take off her hat because she just KNOWS it doesn't match her outfit. She was upset her bracelet didn't come in another color as well.... white is so last year~Chloe using her fathers finger as a cell phone. You never get good reception in hospitals. I think she is setting up a manny-peddy for tomorrow~Lastly, big brother Jonathan peeking in at his little "pet" sister. He took one look at her and called her a truck...a red truck~


  1. Chloe Is Beautiful..... You Must be Beaming~

  2. congratulations Cheryl, on a beautiful new granddaughter. She is so precious! I know youre floating in the clouds!!
    have a sweet and blessed week!

  3. Congratulations! What a beautiful baby girl! Your narrative was priceless!!!

  4. Chloe is gorgeous! And your post is a hoot! I think Chloe is going to be a bit spoiled - maybe - hehehe! Awesome!


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