"A" meme~

Brenda from B's place has a fun Meme on her blog. She assigns each participant a letter and your to find words beginning with that letter that defines you~ coolio huh? Drop her a comment telling her you'd like a letter! :-P My assigned letter is "A".... and no, I'm not starting off with a$$.....
1. Artsy~ In most everything I do...I like things to have an "artsy-flare" to them. A little flourish here...a little doo-dad there, just make things a little cuter/sweeter than they already are. On the flip side there is an ever present pressure to forever do this because everyone expects it from me!
2. Audience- I used to be a member of my high schools Chamber singers group. We would preform in front of large audiences all the time. We even spent a week in Hawaii singing.
3. Attention- I like attention, lots of attention.
4. Antiques- I love classic cars, vintage items, old photos, old sewing items and furniture. I could spend hours & hours in antique stores.
5. Ambiance- I am all about ambiance. Every party HAS to have a theme. It gives me a jumping off point to create a new and exciting event.
6. Ability- I have the ability to do a lot of interesting things. I can mix/pour & smooth cement, lay brick, hammer/nail/saw with the best of them. With most things if I see something I can make it. I also have the ability to visualize things from start to finish immediately--- I'm just needing a theme! I have decorated several big convention events with huge success.
7. Attitude- I like to think I have a Polly-Anna attitude about most things. But on the flip side I am extremely realistic person with no false idealistic beliefs.
8. Asymmetrical- I do not like things that are asymmetrical. I like "matchy-matchy" I like balance, symmetry.
9. Audacity- I am pretty bold and daring. I call it "razzle-dazzle" lol
10. American- I am very proud to be an American.

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