Here are some photos of my two grandkids. Over the weekend I bought my grandaughter two wigs....yes, you read it correctly, wigs. She turned one month on March the 13th...and I was wanting to see her with long hair....so here she is in all her glory~ She didn't care to much for the dark hair........ I think she is in a "milk-coma" in this photo~Here she is working the reddish hair...... work it girl! Look down your nose at the world... you go girl~Here she is falling over-- she is only a month old lol~Lastly, my grandson shows his sister how to model... attitude, its all in the attitude~
he is such a HAM!! Here he is with a toy ladder stuck on his nose!Alright, alright... I'll stop :-P


Amber said...

oh my gosh, those pictures are hilarious!! It so caught me off guard at first, lol. not used to seeing somone so small with so much hair on their head!! i'm gonna have to do that with my next child. ha!

work it sister, work it! ;)

vivian said...

youre nuts! great pictures!
what a fun grandmother you are!