Lovely weather....

Still plugging away here & there on my front porch makeover.... The completion date of March the 25th is fast approaching! Here is an adorable rusty old tricycle that one of my friends gave me about 3 years ago. Am I a lucky girl or what? She also gave me a rusty old wagon too... stay tuned to see what I do with that~ (geeze, I sound like I'm all that don't I lol)I've had this little bike sitting amongst some plants in my flower bed for awhile..... I found the wicker bicycle basket for a dollar and the flowers were given to me by another friend...taaaaaa daaaaa instant caute!It really is darling. It looks as though a small child stepped off of it hiding it amongst the plants saving it just for them so no one else would get it.... and they never came back for it...and there it sat for years and years....waiting~

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faerie enchantment said...

That Tricycle is the best, I love rusty things, so much hidden magic inside them!
Magic and Joy!