Re-recovered dress form~

Well.... I re-recovered my sewing dress form that I puchased for $10 bucks this past summer. The dark fabric just seemed to be toooo dark, I still like it, but I was wanting a change. I made a cover that can be removed at a later date if I want to change it back! I started by covering the whole form with a thin layer of batting. I simply pinned it on and cut away the excess batting and stitched as I went. The whole thing can be pulled off to reveal the original dark fabric :-) I used foam core cut to size to fill in the arm holes. I poked yarn though the center of the foam so I could pull the foam core into place once the glue was placed on the form~This dress form is solid cardboard and it was always hard to pin things to, so I figured a little batting would help! Here is the dress form covered in batting~I then just draped some muslin fabric over the form and pinned & pinned & pinned. Then I just stitched along the pin lines..... and cut away the extra fabric and kept doing this until I finished the front & back. I added some foam core to the top of the dress form to hide the screw that makes the dress form bigger & smaller...I just taped it in place and filled in the gap with some batting. Then I just had to pin, cut and stitch the top.
I made a seam down the back that I didn't stitch closed. I simply pinned the back closed so I can remove it later if I want to. Taaaaaaa daaaaaaaaaaa new dress form~


Janelle said...

Wow, that looks amazing! You did a super job!

ann said...

I'm with you.I'd never seen one dark like that.Light is better.You did great job....Ann