I haven't had much time to be artsy fartsy lately, but I have finished up two things that are going to my Easter swapping partner. I altered this tin egg into a nice container that is going to hold that little egg cup with the little fairy sitting atop the grass. (the fairy is two sided) The paper covering the egg is from a book from the 1800's. I am also sending along one of these cherubs...(the one with the blue party hat) I love making these-- they make me chuckle. The one with the pinkish party hat is for my grandaughter Chloe~ The plastic "drape" on these statues I cover with real fabric, it takes some time, but I think it looks better when its all finished. It is barely noticeable in these photos because I used a sheer fabric...but its there~
I am also working on a soldered piece and an robins egg container for that. I am hoping to have that completed tomorrow :-)

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