Earth day 2009~

Reduce-reuse-recycle....three words that come to mind on earth day. I recently bought these gift bags (26 in total) at a yard sale for $2 bucks. (highway robbery I tell you!) They were previously stamped and written on but never used. I figured I could use them for--- what else? the upcoming pirate party of course! One of the thrift stores I go to gives away magazines and maps for free. Crazy huh? I always grab both on my way out of the store! Anywho, I recycled these bags into something I could use...using leftovers from previous things I've worked on :-) I ripped one of the maps into small sizes that would cover up the previous crafters "embellishments" I glued the map piece on the bag... Using left over stuff from my stash, I glued on an oval of ultra suede with a cut out of a pirate image glued on top of that. Then I tied on a piece of ripped black fabric on the handle...Lastly, I dragged my ink pad along the sides of the bag and stamped "Booty" on the bag and taaaaaaa daaaaaaaa reused/recycled & reduced waste!