Been busy...

painting.... and babysitting...
and also..... I am also doing a little bit of crocheting in between. I recently received my catalog from our local fair showing all the things you can enter in order to win money and ribbons. (love-love those ribbons!) First prize is anywhere from $7 to $12 bucks. Not bad for a dollar entry fee. For me it is all about the ribbons :-) Last year, I got a "best in show" ribbon! Here I was just shooting for a "first" place (yes, I did receive several of those!!) now its all about best in show...those ribbons are bigger!!
"Laugh and I'll sock ya!"
I highly encourage anyone reading this to enter something into your own local fair. It is easy-peasy. Just google your own town fair (I googled "Fresno fair" and up it popped) Shoot them off an e-mail and ask them for a catalog of "competitive exhibits" some cities have them posted online, but I prefer a catalog (my city has both) so I can read/reread/scheme which category to enter. You can even enter pies, cookies etc.

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Jenn Klee said...

Oh my, that pic of Chloe Rose is just too funny!!

Good luck with those ribbons ;)