Mmm Mmm Monday

Yes, yes...I know. I haven't been sharing a recipe every Monday like I said I was going to.....but I was getting mmm-umm fat (fatter)...so I thought I had better not do this EVERY Monday :-)
That being said...lol....
Here is a recipe for a:
Blackberry pie
3 to 4 cups of blackberries (store bought if you don't grow your own)
1 cup of sugar
1/2 cup of flour
2 store bought pie shells
extra sugar for the top of the pie
In a bowlie mix the blackberries, sugar and flour until you can no longer see the sugar and flour. Next just pour that into a thawed pie shell (thats been poked with a fork to vent) With the second pie shell plop it onto some wax paper and fix any cracks in the shell with your finger dipped in water. I always cut off the edge of the second pie shell and toss it out. It is to much work trying to get all that to fit on the pie and make it look pretty! Just pick up the wax paper with the flattened pie shell on it and flip it onto the filled pie shell. Crimp the edges together and cut vent holes in the top. I lightly wet the top of the pie with my fingers dipped in water and then I sprinkle the sugar on top. If your fingers are slightly damp it gives the sugar a really nice look... kinda like crystalized sugar in a way, but not crunchy at all. I always place some foil around the edge of the pie shell to prevent it from getting overly brown-- then just bake at 400 degrees for 45 minutes. This pie photographed dark-- but it was very light in color actually and very tasty :-) I could have "highlighted" the photo, but then that would have washed out my darling cupid sitting behind it...and I just couldn't do that!

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Laurie said...

YUM! I love blackberry cobbler, too!