More yard sales...

I went to some more yard sales today...for a Sunday I got some really fun things :-) and rather cheaply too!
Another soon to be made over pirate chest for only $2, a box full of paper umbrellas .50cents, two antique books for $1 each (from the 1900's) a .10cent (soon to be "revamped") business card holder, for .50cents I picked up the small gold frame with the metal picture holder, two "blue birds of happiness" birds for .25 cents. A soldered glass piece for .25 cents that I'm going to stick a fairy in one of these days! A huge baggie full of polished rocks & glass pieces for .50cents. An old metal bird cage with a little bird sitting on a swing for $1 A full box full of vintage hair clippies for .25cents (I am so going to use these in my hair lol) A aluminum framed mirror $1, a stack of vintage post cards that urge you to come back to Sunday school for .25cents :-P A container with plastic rhinestones and a handful of rubber stamps and an ink pad all for only .50cents~Lastly...this beautiful pink bedspread for only $1 :-) Tomorrow is another day-- and another yard sale no doudt!


Jen r. said...

I need to go to your yard sales! Jen

Laurie said...

Yes -- I want to go garage sale-ing with you! Love that bedspread!

vivian said...

I have that same pink satiny bedpread! It was on Tonys aunts bed for (im not kidding...) 40 years! They just bought a new one this year and thought I could make something out of this one! I do have some ideas brewing !
have a great week!

Bellamere Cottage said...

Oh my.....isn't that pink spread just delish? I love it.....and for a BUCK? Holy cow, that was your lucky day!