Pirate luggage~

A pirate can never have to much luggage right? Here is a wooden chest that I picked up for one buckeroo....I added the faux leather treatment on this trunk and painted it with more blacks & grays so as not to be an exact copy of the other trunks. I still may add some kinda painted piratey doo-dad to the top of the trunk.Lastly, I scored and I scored big on these small fabric bags. There were over 80 of these bags stuffed tightly into a ziploc bag that I bought at a second hand store for 2 bucks! I made the skull stencil out of cardstock paper that I covered with packing tape and then cut out. The stencil is still good even after pounding my black paint through it with a stencil brush. I am in pirate mode.... stay tuned to see my crocheted parrot sitting on top of a crocheted cupcake!!


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

That is too cool!!

Oh I think I should have just said


Anonymous said...

What a steal!!!

Jen r. said...

AAAAAArrrrggggggg!Me harties! Very cute!

Gattina said...

That's real nice ! good idea !