Foam core bunny...

I really enjoy working with foam core. I always pick up at least 5 sheets of it whenever it is on sale at Michaels for only a buck. It is really easy to work with...and cuts easily with a sharp razor. Here I've made a bunny blowing a horn-- I am going to use this for the tea party. The collar is made with squares of crepe paper puffed up then stuck on. The bunny has a crepe paper bow as well. You know the secret to making a bow with crepe paper? Something that will last-- you use packing tape. Pull off a large section of tape, place the crepe paper onto the tape and burnish it well. You end up with a fabulous piece of strong crepe paper to work with. I would like to make a lot of things for the tea party...but time is getting away from meeeeeee.... I guess I'm like that bunny with the time piece in his hand running around! hmmmmmmmmm I should make one of those as well!
I've also finished making party hats for every single statue I have in my garden...whew~ No easy feat as every single statue had a different head size and some had ears...and their little heads are tilted. Here is the last batch~ I just used card stock and made a cone shape then covered each with a piece of scrapbook paper. Then I put a coat of Mod Podge over each cone shape so they wouldn't get ruined if they got wet. I am wanting these little party hats to last at least until the end of summer! Now I've just got to add ribbons to each newly made hat and tie them on my little garden darlings and put them out in the garden. These are all going into my newly named "Chloe's garden"...after my grandaughter of course. Speaking of Chloe...here she is sitting all casually, foot dangling-head tilted to the t.v. (of course)


Laurie said...

Wow, you are the party girl! You go all out! I am in awe of all the preparations, and your talent! Too much fun! And I love your garage sale finds, too...you and I would have such fun together!

Shelly said...

Okay missy, you are Waaaaaay over the top here! I love your Bunny and your crowns and your cat!!

I just got home from starting to move in to my new studio, I need more energy! I can't create AND move/arrange!!

Can I cheat for Mad Hatter and just have you make something for me! (Cheshire Grin here)


Amy Anderson said...

Love the bunny! In addition to Mod Podge, I really love Alice in Wonderland. . . :D