Coming right along...

I've been working on my new addition to my fence for the past three days. Today the hubs had to go into work...so I'm taking the day off from working out in the heat! I would say that I am about half way finished-- here is the fence up to the corner block.
We still have to dig up the lawn up to the side of the house, lay a flat foundation of cement and then lay the cinder block on top of that. Then of course cut and hang each picket of wood. I'll have you know-- that I am the one who picks up and morters in each of those 33 pound cinder blocks. My hubs just mixes the morter for me~ funny huh.
Here is my window that faces the street which got the huge retaining stone thrown at it... notice the black circle at the bottom of the window? That is a surveillance camera. I got the camera at a place called Harbor Freight. For the color camera (which is what we purchased) it was only $40. For the black and white those ran only $30. They are extremely easy to install. They hook right up to your vcr player. You can watch whats going on as soon as you hook it up...it is soooooooo easy. At night when we go to bed-- we start the tape to record. You can view it while not recording too :-) This camera can be mounted inside or out, for now we just stuck it in the window. It has "night vision" which actually works pretty good when you consider it was only $40~ I told all my neighbors about this neat gizmo... and mentioned that if nothing else I would be able to find out who isn't picking up their dogs poop out off of my grass. I told them my camera is doing "poop patrol" LOL

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Laurie said...

It's really coming along! Looks great!