Thrifted treasures~

I had a lot of fun searching for the following treasures that I hauled home, the weather is getting cooler/colder and that of course puts a spring in my step! This Saturday I'll be springing up and down a mile long yard sale! *woot-woot*
I got this basket with six large emu eggs for a $1... I know, what on earth am I going to do with them??? But goodness, a buck? Couldn't pass 'em up!Here is a photo of what I did with the eggs (for now)... very halloweenie!Linens... I love linens! The white coverlet was $2, the old-old quilt top was $1, the crochet white tablecloth was .50cents (crazy!) the doiles were .25cents each. The goldtone rosary box was .50cents.The pumpkin basket was .50cents. Wouldn't this be fabulous filled with pumpkin cookies?Some odds & ends for my studio... all of this on the tray for $3.These dishes were practically free. The saucers were .10cents each, the cup & saucer was .75cents... the two sectioned bowlie thingie was .25cents... the larger plate was .25cents. The three circular doilies were .10cents each~ A box full of flowers & greenery... most of which will be cut off of the stems to be used in some future project/s this stuffed box was $3~

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Do Be Do Bead Do said...

Hi Cheryl, two questions, well, actually, they are the same, just different contexts. Where in California are you, I'd love to go thrifting with you. And, more importantly, where in California are you (address), I have a small gift that I'd like to send you in appreciation for all of your help with my blog (some linens, very vintage, very caute).