Metal tape~

I bought two brand new rolls of metal tape this past summer at a yard sale for .50cents each. The rolls normally run about $8 bucks each at Home Depot. I've been wanting to play around with the tape for some time-- and finally got an urge to use it. For next Monday's mixed media challenge piece using the theme of "leftovers" as the challenge, I have an idea in mind...... so with that said, I covered a cardboard shape and a resin heart that I hope to use in the piece I make. The resin heart I wanted it to appear to be broken, so I used a file and made a line in the heart then I drilled holes into the piece on either side of the line so I could lace it back together....The tape is really easy to work with, and I think the results are wonderful. I threaded some gold wire through the holes to give the appearance of the heart being laced back together, I even made the wire into a bow at the top. no easy task!Once the tape was smoothed onto each piece, I removed the red ink on the tape with a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol on it. To make the tape look like real metal, I smeared black paint over both pieces with my fingers. Thats it~ neat huh?


vivian said...

as always.. totally impressed! I think I may have to try to remember to look for this tape.. I want to play too!
happy new year!

Janelle said...

Oh, that looks fantastic!

Denise said...

Very neat! I need to remember that one! I wonder if you could use it as a trim around a piece of furniture?