Silver Sunday~

This is my first time in joining in on Silver Sunday... I am going to share just one piece this week as I'm getting a late start. This is a little sauce container from what I understand.... it would sit upon a table and you would place a bottle of sauce inside it so it would fit in nicely with your beautiful dishes and other silver pieces.This piece belonged to my great aunt Kathleen who lived in Edinburgh Scotland. The piece was given to her as a wedding gift by a man she had once been in love with. I'm not sure why the romance was cut short. Personally, I think it was because he was of a different nationality and way back then, that was really frowned upon. He gave this beautiful little sauce bucket as a gift to his once beloved.... and he had his name engraved upon it, Nisar~I got this from my mothers-mother when she was downsizing about 25 odd years ago. It sat in a pile of junk that was being tossed out, no one wanted it because they said the dummy (Nisar) had put his name on it not the family name or crest. *gasp* Am I the only one that not only can see the beauty in this little sauce bucket, but... the love story that this represented? Anywho, I normally keep a small glass inside this little sauce bucket so use it to as a small vase with flowers inside. Sweet!

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I follow your blog for a long time, I adore it....I just put my first comment because I am made my first crafty blog....I hope you visit me, leave a comment and become my first folower!!!!