Thrifted Treasures~

I picked up some more treasures to add to my overflowing home... These three silver pieces were found at 3 different stores. The dish was $1.50 the two matching bud vases were $3 and the lone candle holder was $1.
The two matching glass jars were $4 bucks for the pair and the white glass vase was only .50cents. (I have the exact same one in my cabinet... oh I love things that match!)
This white wooden wall shelf was $3. I have no wall space left... *gasp* but I was thinking this would be so cute filled with jar fairies, so in my cart it went. Maybe I'll knock off that bottom decorative piece and add a wooden base to it and stand it up on my desk.... or maybe, I'll stick it out in the garage!
These two wreaths were $1.50 for both. The black one I am going to use for Halloween, and the twiggy-spring looking one is going to be-- well you guessed it... a spring wreath!
I also received this wonderful pie safe from my mother recently. I am going to paint it white. Surprised? I asked permission first, just incase she was wanting it back.... I'm sure it horrified her, but she was generous enough to say yes. (I'm sure all the while cursing under her breath!) I have no space for this piece, but that didn't stop me from taking it...lol... seriously, I love me some furniture! So where is this piece going? Um, that'd be in my bedroom. Ok, that even made me laugh~ Off to paint!


Barbara said...

Boy you really scored on your shopping expedition! That sounds sooo like me! I love to buy things for nothing and then fix it up or change it into something else that has a purpose.

Angie said...

Good grief. Every time I read your blog I turn green. You must have some amazing thrift stores out there.

And I adore the pie safe! It will look fabulous in white.

vivian said...

lots of goodies! GREat pie safe.. I'd paint it white too. have fun!

Jingle said...

You have found some wonderful treasures! I love those glass jars!

Wendy said...

Too funny! I just bought the same white dish this weekend! For $.50 too!

Hope Filled Living said...

What great finds Cheryl. It's so fun, isn't it? I'm especially fond of your pie safe! Are you going to paint it?
Hey, I'm a follower now so I can pop in once in awhile and see what other goodies you have found!