Vase & platter~

My mother gave me this vase and platter recently. Its hard for me to say no to anything, seriously. It is etched along with being painted, I was thinking I'd paint it white, its a little to 1980's for me --but still cute. Yes, yes I do tend to paint everything white....Hmmm what ta' do-what ta' do... *lightbulb moment* why not stick the platter on the vase with some e6000 glue and make it into a bird feeder. I traced the circumference of the top of the vase to use as a pattern on the underside of the platter so that the vase would be perfectly centered when the glue dried. Once I had the pattern cut out, I traced the circle onto the platter... then I just slathered the glue onto the vase and set it in place.The hardest part... waiting for the glue to dry~24 hours later.... Now, I've just got to wait for the rain to subside so I can place it outside and fill it with birdseed.


  1. Great idea. Now i want one. I am off to Goodwill to see what I can find.

  2. there you go again! great thinking ~ perfect !


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