Matelasse Bedspread

I recently was given this twin matelassé bedspread with two matching pillows. Very cute indeed~ I am drawn to these bedspreads everytime I see them. I recently had purchased a Shabby chic duvet cover... so it wasn't going on my bed. Soooooooooo I got to thinking about my grandaughters baby crib that I have/use at my house. Maybe I could make a fitted bedspread for the baby mattress.... hmmm.... why not? So out my scissors came... I cut off the scalloped edges in long stripes so I could reattach it when I cut the flat/fitted part I needed for the top of the crib mattress. I laid the mattress on top of the fabric to draw the outline of the size I needed, I gave myself plenty of extra fabric just incase it was needed down the line. You can never cut your fabric larger once you've cut it... words to take to heart!Once I had that piece drawn and cut out, I simply pinned the scalloped edges around the edge of the smaller size bedspread that I just created. I used the mattress as a guide to help keep the bedspread fitted as I pinned. Then I just stitched around the whole thing creating a fitted bedspread for the mattress. Once the whole thing was stitched together, I finished off the edges with a zig-zag stitch to keep the fabric from unraveling when its being washed. Once all the seams were stitched, I turned the whole thing rightside out-- hit it with the iron to set the seams. That was it! I think it turned out super caute! (The pillows are for decoration only-- she is still to young to sleep with pillows) Here is a close-up of the scallops.... I just love all things scalloped~

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KristiYaYa said...

Simply genius and ADORABLE!!!