Tree seat

Last year I created a raised circle around a tree in my g-kids play-yard with some retaining stones. I had two options in mind... one, make it into a seat. Or two, fill this area with some balls-- like a ball pit. Well, I didn't like the ball pit idea, so now I've got a bazillion balls that I'm forever picking up.So, of course, try the first idea second... make it into a seat. I cut a plywood circle, used cinder block to help support the plywood at the closest part of the tree trunk, it works pretty well and only called for two blocks. I covered the plywood with some vinyl cut from a vinyl tablecloth. I just used a staple gun to attach it.Then I cut apart two of the chaise lounge pads (I picked up for $1 each recently) to use as the pillow of the tree seat. I used some quilted fabric that I bought years ago for practically nothing for the pillow covers. Taaaaaa daaaaaaaa instant tree seat.I've also finished the curtains for the playhouse,made party hats for all the outdoor garden statues-- here are some of them,I even managed to pirate-up two monkeys~I also repainted this darling antique home-made hutch that I got for free years ago from one of my neighbors. It has doors but those are on the kitchen table drying. I'll post photos of it when its finished, its one of my favorite pieces in my home. There is always something to do, never an idle moment around here!


Alison said...

It is amazing how our lives are consumed by grandchildren.
Mind you I wouldn't have it any other way

Vintage Porcelain Art By Amy Enright said...

Awesome Blog! :0)