Gifts galore~

Today was a good day~ okokok, everyday is a good day, but today I got a huge gift... okokok, I bought it, but wait until you see what it is! You'll surely agree that it was a gift!-- What do you think is in this box that I bought for $10?
Nooooooooooo... probably not what you've guessed. Hold onto your glue guns girls.... THIRTY ONE POUNDS OF BUTTONS! Yes... I did weigh the box! I've already take out one ziploc baggie full of old vintage buttons *swoon* Soooooo many buttons... so little time to do anything with them!
I'm going to share something really special that I've been getting in my backyard lately. A true gift... an amazing gift. (at least I think so) Would you look at these hollowed out oranges that the fairies that live in my backyard have made. Are they not little works of art?
I hear they like to live in them in the winter months living off the orange pulp until it gets warm again. During the hot summer they abandon them to live freely amongst the plants and flowers. My neighbors orange tree that hangs over our backfence is full of these hollowed out houses. Every now and then I see a squirral eating the last remnants of the oranges that the fairies have been living on over the winter... and the weight of the squirral causes them to fall to the ground... and I collect them. I think I'm up to 20 something last count. I am sooooooo going to do something with these little orange houses!
I've linked to Lemoncholy's Flight of Fancy Fleamarket Friday linky party.


  1. thanks for playing along! i cannot believe all those buttons! where did you find them? and the hollowed out oranges are really cool - do they still have an orangey smell to them?

  2. What a fabolous find!!!!...buttons, buttons and lots of buttons...


  3. Oh! Glory be!! Can I come play in your buttons with you!! What a fantastic score! I have an orange tree here and an orange tree back at my old house. I've never seen oranges like that. You must really have fairies!

  4. Jealous of that amazing button score! Congrats! Found you through Junkologie and am happy to be a new follower. Happy crafting! Jenn

  5. If you ever get around to selling any of your buttons, let me know please. I loooove buying buttons. :)


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