Resin Charms~

I've made more resin charms. These are fun to make, but for someone who likes to finish something to get immediate satisfaction it takes a toll! These are made using a bracelet that I pried the faux stones out of.... I am going to add a dangly from the bottom rings~These are made using pieces from an abalony shell necklace. I want to add something around the edge so I can add more resin to them to finish them off. As they are now, I think they look like a fairy standing in a puddle of water. I'll need to redrill the holes once they are finished~Here are some abalony pieces painted red and two round pieces that came from necklaces~The two oval ones below are from a watch band that had faux plastic stones in them. I added the wire to create a hanger for each one. The one at the bottom had a polished stone in it, I am going to put a pin back on this one... the diamond fairy is just a colored piece of glass that I added a fairy to~
These little teardrop fairy charms are my favorite. Each teardrop is only 1 inch in size, the fairies are only about 1/2 inch tall....and yes, I did cut them all by hand~
I only mix up 2 tablespoons of resin at a time, a little goes a l-o-n-g way, I always have some left over. These are what I've made using the left over resin.I always have forms ready for use to pour the extra resin into them. The first layer is normally just pure resin. I keep adding left over resin to each mold everytime I have extra. I add an image then wait for more left over resin to finish them off. These have 3 layers of resin. One clear coat, the next one sealed in the image, and the last coat of resin has glitter. I used an egg mold on these ones~These ones were made using a plastic painters palette as the mold, again using left over resin~All of these will be tossed into a jar with my other resin charms. One of these days I'm going to do something with them! I've linked up to the blog "Life with Lori" and her "Get your Craft on Thursdays" linky party.


Joyce said...

These are so adorable. Love the little fairy charms.

MJ Ornaments said...

I LOVE your fairies! So clever and darling.
Take care,

Alison said...

Your charms are just beautiful

The Feathered Nest said...

Your resin charms are gorgeous!!! I love them all ~ xxoo, Dawn

Ann said...

WOW!!! Beautiful charms, so pretty.
I love all your work, so very clever.
Best wishes
Ann xx

Her Art Nest said...

Awesome! These came out terrific. What an inspiration....love them. ~Nan

Recycled Rita said...

I love all your resin goodies!
What kind of resin are you using?

Melissa said...

Those are lovely - I might have to do what you are doing with leftover resin, I like that idea.