San Juan Bautista~

While it seems everyone else in the world is spending time at the 500 mile yard sale... I've had to console myself with local yard sales and an antique show at San Juan Bautista this weekend. This is what I got from the yard sales I went to... a 3 piece set of round containers for .25cents, a chicken wire tea pot .10cents, a can of acrylic clear spray .25cents, an abalone shell .25cents, 2 butterflys .10cents, a small handmade round wire "cage" for .10cents, wooden hands for .50cents, and a handful of trim for .25cents...My favorite find was a milk glass piece for my ever-growing milk glass collection. A bird sitting on top of a nest. I had to pay the huge sum of .10cents for this piece... isn't it so darn caute?The antique show at San Juan Bautista was chalk full of the usual over priced stuff that is always fun to look at, but always to pricey to buy.... Its nice to have a reference of what things are worth when I hit the yard sales~ I did see things I would have liked to own but not at the prices they were asking-- no one needs things that badly. Here is a slideshow of just a few things I took pictures of... nothing really fabulous as I was just pointing and shooting randomly without my glasses on-- I didn't want to make a huge deal of taking photos.. this way, I didn't have to ask permission :-) Always thinking~

San Juan Bautista on PhotoPeach

The chickens and roosters are free roaming throughout the city and mission. You just know some of them end up on some ones b.b.q... I'm just saying~ The big black dog was h-u-g-e! It looked like a big black bear walking on a leash-- only this thing slobbered....

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