Pink top hat....

I picked up this super cute dance outfit at a yard sale for $1.I can never leave well enough alone, I always have to tweek things! Sooooo, I added puffy baby blue glittered sleeves to the outfit and also a smidge of blue to the neckline..... My grandaughter is going to be a clown this halloween... every respectable clown has to have a hat right? Right.... so I whipped up a hot pink top hat out of a cardboard box. Here it is perched on top of my cupid dress form that I made. I added white ruffles as a decorative hat band.... This top hat was made especially to fit my grandaughter who is 18 months old, the next one will be in MY SIZE! *woot-woot*


Meri Wiley said...

Hi Cheryl,

Wow, that is totally cool...I love the hat. Do you think she'll really wear it? That outfit is adorable, and the sleeves were a wonderful addition. Great Job!


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Cheryl, you are one talented lady! I sew and I wouldn't know how to add sleeves in like you did. So cute! I find dance recital outfits at yardsales all the time and buy them for my grand-daughter to play dress up in. The hat you made is adorable too! She will be so cute in the outfit. Did you cover your mannequin in that pretty fabric? How in the world did you get the fabric so smooth? Have a wonderful Halloween weekend. ~ Lynn