Turkey finger puppets~

I made 20 turkey finger puppet/sucker covers for thanksgiving. Boy are my fingers sore. The basic pattern I used as the base to create these from, was the pumpkin finger puppets I made last month. It is my intention to make finger puppets each month for a whole year-- for my grandson to pass out to his friends at his preschool. Eeek... thats 240 finger puppets! Hmmm I think I'll whip up twenty-one so I can have a set of 12 to enter in the local fair next year... why not! Whats 12 more.... um, thats 252-- not that I'm counting! I think they turned out kinda caute~
Here is the pattern I made up for the turkey's feathers--- if anyone is interested. You can find the pattern for the main part of the finger puppet here.

With orange yarn, working only in the back stitches of the two joined circles... Sl st yarn at one side of the opening of the turkey (at the bottom) ch 4, sl st in second ch from hook and in the next 2 chains. Sc in the next 4 stitches and then ch 4, sl st in second chain from hook and in next 2 chains. Repeat all the way around, you should have 6 orange feathers around the backside of the 2 joined circles.

With yellow yarn slip stitch in the front of the orange using the stitches on the top circle only. Sl st the first stitch, sc next two stitches, ch 4 sl st in second chain from hook and the next 2 chains. Repeat around the edge of the top circle. You should have 5 yellow feathers when your finished.
Once the feathers are finished you add a felt body, wiggly eyes and a little beak. Easy-peasy! Next months finger puppet is going to be a "red-nosed reindeer"


  1. They are so cute and adorable!


  2. Oh, Cheryl ~ Those are So Sweet... I just don't know how you do it, Can you bottle some of Your Energy & send me some ~ btw, Thanks for the sweet words about My Daughter, we moved her out of her Apartment this week, she will be moving into a new apartment with Her Sweet Cousin.... Life Goes On!

  3. AWE...your little turkey finger puppets are so very sweet!

  4. Just wanted to Thank Jonathon's Grandma for making these cute things, my son Jimmy loves them.


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