Valentine tag swap~

For this upcoming Valentines day... howza'bout a "Tag for Tag" valentine swap? No large box filled with chocolates, bits of vintage trim and buttons-- you know how crazy we can all get sending stuff in the mail... This is just one valentine tag swapped for one valentine tag. Easy-peasy.... I would like to swap 20 tags-- I already have 4 committed. So if there are 16 more willing to participate.... bring it on :-) Date to be mailed out by would be February the 1rst... or 2nd....ok, or 3rd. Keeping it easy-peasy! Make sure you leave me your email address so I can get in contact with you. Thanks :-)
The swap is now filled/closed~ Thank you to the 20 people who signed up!


  1. Hi Cheryl, My name is Chris and I have never done a tag swap before but I would love to participate. I draw and collect ATCs so I imagine it's somewhat similar. So I would make as many tags as people participating, and mail them to the appropriate address? Do I include a self addressed stamped envelope? I guess I can contact you privately for more details and info.

    Thanks so much,
    Chris (Artzee Chris)
    Artzee Chris' Blog

  2. Hi Cheryl, Count me in you're valentine tag swap.I too have never done a swap before but think its gonna be fun to see everyone's talent and imagination.

    Thanks Cheryl!

  3. I am a crafter/ to blog world...would love to trade tags...what size? check out my blog @ or email me at Thanks so much! Blessings to you and your family for a fabulous 2011{:) Lynda

  4. Hello. I am not new to swapping, ATCs & Inchies, but have never done a tag swap. My blog does not show my art as my old pc had a meltdown and took everything with it. New camera does not want to play well with the new pc, either. But, I just got my first Copic markers and some water soluble crayons and am dying to try them out. What better way, huh? So, if you want to try someone with no art to show, I'm in. Tina

  5. hi Cheryl, I would love to exchange valentines with you! sounds like fun! count me in for sure!
    hugs and Happy new year!!

  6. I'm in if it's only 1 tag for you!
    I'm in other valentine swaps and don't think I could make 20 tags to swap. Please let me know if that will work.
    Thank you!
    Happy New Year!
    deb :)

  7. I'd love to swap a Valentine with you Cheryl!

  8. Sign me up for this swap, I already have a few ideas for it!

  9. Here's my email:

    LOL, now I'm going to add it to my blog as well!

  10. ok I am in, sounds like fun. Will you email us or anything on this?

  11. Hi Cheryl, This isn't the Dolly Dingle Valentine Swap is it? I thought we were supposed to make Valentines for each other .. not tags but if this is something else, please excuse my interruption.. back to making Valentines.. LMK
    Hugs, Linda

  12. Wow, Now I found you I would have done this! Hope you have it next year! hugs Marilou


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