Loot bag...

Now that the holiday season is over, its time for me to start thinking about the upcoming pirate party that I have for my grandkids birthday each year. Every year I make a different party bag that each child can fill with prizes and small gifts to take home. This year, I decided to make some draw string bags using some muslin fabric. Once I worked all the 'cipher-ing out I made one... liked it.... and made a bunch more~ I added a felt skull and cross bones to each bag for good measure. I'll add some definition to each skull and cross bones with a marker at a later date. These bags are not your typical draw string bags... they have a lining. Twice as strong to hold loads of treasures... arrrrrrrrrgh! I like to have the childrens names on their bags... but you never know who is going to be a no-show.... so I created some tags to write each childs name on to attach to their bag as they show up. I was lucky enough to pick up this huge amount of laminate samples from a local thrift store for $3. I used spray adhesive to adhere the maps to the front and back of each one.... cut each one out....and then I distressed the heck out of each one of them. The day of the party as each child arrives all we have to do is write their name on a tag and tie it to their party bag. The party is going to be in May.... you can never start to early making things.


  1. Awesome ideas! They are going to have so much fun!

  2. Now this is one party I'd like to come to.

  3. Great the name tags. Bet it will be fun had by all.

  4. What wonderful ideas! I added a link to your post on my blog post, Handmade Fun Saturday! Come by and add a comment!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Very FUN and you are a great Grandma!
    WOW..the valentine hat is amazing! LOVE the LOVE banner!
    I'm thinking next week I'll do my valentine for the swap.

  6. Great idea. I have a bunch of them myself and never quite knew what to do with them.


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