Here is a lovely assortment of valentines that I received in the mail~ From left to right they were made by: Vivian, Betty & Laura... bottom row: Julie and Lynda. Lynda also made and sent to me, all of these pictured below. The quality of her work is outstanding :-)
This cute tag below is from Deb, you can't see it for all the candy! its in the lower left hand corner~
I also did a "big-box" swap with Laura. Look at all this loveliness~Here is a peek inside the container... Here is the valentine card/tag that I made. I think I made something like 24 of these~
And lets not forget the 20 monster truck valentines I made for my grandson's preschool class :-) I sent Lisa 13 tags and I'm getting 13 different valentine tags from various people, I'm hoping those come sometime this week :-)
I also want to show this over-the-top-fabulous felted notebook that I received from Angela. It is incredible! (my computer gremlin insisted on turning this photo on its side....) Angela sent this to me all the way from Devon, England. Inside this little felted beauty is a notepad and a good sized pocket, for candy no doudt! I really adore it Angela, thank you so much :-)I've also been meaning to share this fabulous trophy that I won from Kecia who hosted a "Top Hat Derby blog hop" ummm in December. Anywho, here is the fabulous trophy in all its glittery glory!Here is a photo of some of my top hats that I made along with the trophy I won. (both photos were taken from Kecia's blog)Happy Valentines day everyone... remember, if you don't get anything you liked or wanted for Valentines day--- not to worry, the day after valentines day everything is 50% off-- go buy yourself twice as much!
I've linked up to Bluebird Papercrafts Valentine linky party.


Creative Breathing said...

Cheryl, What absolutely wonderful Valentines you have received! Some I recognize from my own group. Such talented women, I love having something from each of them. This was so much fun, and I can't thank you enough for joining and hosting an exchange yourself. I wish you a Happy Valentine's Day! Elizabeth

My Crafty Little Page said...

Beautiful valentines you received. Hasn't this been so much fun? Hope you have the best Valentines Day ever.
:) Nancy

Kim@My Fairytale Cottage said...

Beautiful Valentines you have received!! Have a Happy Valentines Day!!
-Kim :)

LaVerne said...

The Valentines and the tags are beautiful and your grandson's special Valentine is way over the top! Happy Day.
The pictures of your grandchildren are darling.


Happy Valentine's Day, Cheryl!
Love all Valentines that you rec'd.So many pretty ones. Thank you for my sweet tag.

Jingle said...

A Valentine post filled with loveliness!

She'sSewPretty said...

They're all adorable! Happy valentine's day Cheryl!

Cathy L. Calamas said...

Wow that's a lot of Love!! My favorite is the birdcage. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

vivian said...

Hi cheryl! so much fun stuff! dont you just love valentines day? I was thinking that we have so much more fun that non bloggers and crafters!!
have a sweet night

Cris said...

HELLO CHERYL! I can't find and email anywhere for you so I thought I would drop you a comment (and I hope you see it!). Please contact me by February 22nd with a mailing address because you won my OWOH giveaway at http://crochet-with-cris.blogspot.com

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I hope to see you again soon.

- Cris

PS: My email is on my blogspot profile (just click my name!)

Folksie Linda said...

I got a lovely Valentine from you Cheryl and I love it.. Thank you so much and I hope you liked mine as well!

paula boudreaux said...

I found you through pinterest, the tinsel heart is adorable! I am new follower of your blog!
I included a picture of your Tinsel heart on my blogpost of Pinspiration Valentine projects...http://paulaboudreaux.blogspot.com/2013/12/valentine-pinterest-roundup.html
with a link back to your post.
Thank you, Paula